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A May 2020 HKCSS (Hong Kong Council of Social Service) survey of 110 non-subvented NGOs found that 89% are suffering from funding shortfalls of HK$100,000 or more from April to September 2020, with 50% saying they have six months or less of cash reserves.

Hong Kong is facing many challenges currently arising from the COVID-19 public health crisis, as well as social unrest since the middle of 2019. These include rising mental health distress, high unemployment, and shortage of basic supplies like food, and PPE and cleaning supplies for families in underprivileged communities.

Charities have always played a vital role, but they are facing funding shortfalls because of increased demand for their services, cancellation of fundraising events, and decreased donations from the public.

To get through these difficulties, our entire community must support and help one another.

A group of charitable foundations and private entities have already taken the lead to address these funding shortfall, but in order to meet the massive and urgent need for funding these foundation and private entities are appealing to members of the Hong Kong public who can afford to donate all or part of their HK$10,000 government cash payout directly to NGOs who are doing vital work to support needy families and communities.

Every dollar helps.

What Can You Do?

If you are a corporation or private foundation, consider matching the donations received from the public by your current or past grantees from now until 2021.

If you are an individual, choose an NGO from the list below and donate directly to that NGO. If the NGO you choose is already a past or present grantee of the funders involved in this campaign, your donation will be doubled in amount and impact by the matching of the NGO’s funder.

Information Kit

Press Release

List of NGOs

NGOs marked with * will have their public donations matched by their funders.

Animals Asia Foundation*

Animals Asia is devoted to ending bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals across Asia. We promote compassion and respect for all animals and work to bring about long-term change. Founded in 1998, the Animals Asia team has been rescuing bears since 1994. We operate award winning bear rescue sanctuaries in China and Vietnam, and we are the only organisation with a bear sanctuary in China. We focus on three main programmes – End bear bile farming, Cat and dog welfare & Captive animal welfare.

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Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (RainLily)

RainLily is Hong Kong first sexual violence crisis center. We provide free immediate crisis support, counselling, legal advice and judicial procedures accompaniment services, to support victim-survivors of sexual violence to recover from the trauma.

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Bring Me A Book Hong Kong*

Bring Me A Book Hong Kong uses evidence-based research to provide: Transformational trainings for parents and educators; the best Chinese and English children’s books & quality programs to access authors and literacy experts. To enrich the lives of ALL in the Hong Kong community.

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CareER is the first charity for higher educated persons with disabilities and SENs in Hong Kong, serving as a student & alumni union and a charitable job-matching platform. Established by graduates with disabilities in 2014, CareER works with people with all disabilities and SENs defined by the government to create a peer support network, and provide career consultation and job-matching services through HR expertise and alumni experience.

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Community Drug Advisory Council

The Community Drug Advisory Council established in 1985. We work together with schools, NGOs and communities to prevent initiation of drug misuse and to minimize drug-related harms. Through educational programs and expressive art therapeutic groups services, we raise community awareness, develop social skills of our service users, as well as promote healthy lifestyle choices.

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Enrich is an award-winning Hong Kong charity providing financial and empowerment education for migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Association for AD/HD

The Hong Kong Association For AD/HD is a self-help group committed to relieve the distress and difficulties of families with AD/HD children by promoting understanding and support for these families, providing them with professional advice, emotional support, training and recreational activities and advocating for the necessary policies and services.

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Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities

The HK Association for Specific Learning Disabilities is a peer support group for families of children with learning disabilities.

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Integrated Brilliant Education Limited

Since 2015, the Integrated Brilliant Education Limited has been providing critically needed after-school academic support, with special emphasis on Chinese language learning to Hong Kong’s marginalized Non-Chinese speaking children. This empowers the children with the life-skills to integrate seamlessly in to the social fabric and mature into optimally productive youth.

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J Life Foundation

J Life aims at relieving poverty and promoting self-efficacy within underprivileged communities in Sham Shui Po through food distribution, education and empowerment. They create a safe place where member families can come together, share their burdens and cultivate relationships to create connectedness. Ultimately, they encourage the community to help each other.

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KELY Support Group

KELY Support Group equips young people with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to support themselves and each other.

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Mighty Oaks Foundation Limited

Mighty Oaks brings meaningful and joyful life experiences for elders and youth through intergenerational collaboration for the benefit of all.

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Music Children Foundation

Founded in 2013, Music Children Foundation enriches and changes the lives of underprivileged children and their families through quality, free music programmes for children and youth; and is committed to engaging with parents to make them valuable partners to their children’s learning and fulfilment of their potentials.

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PathFinders empowers and protects migrant workers who are pregnant or have children and are facing crisis.

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Playright Children’s Play Association*

Playright advocates the value of play for all children, be they in hospitals, with disabilities or limited access to play or playable space. Through service provision, empowerment and consultancy works, we build a society that respects, protects and fulfills a Child’s Right to Play, where children can enjoy their childhood.

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Resolve Foundation

Resolve empowers future community leaders to bring about inclusive social change. Our Social Justice Fellowship brings 20 emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds together every year to create an inclusive Hong Kong. We prioritise people from marginalised groups in the society so that they could create ripple effects within their communities.

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ReSource the Counselling Centre is a non-profit charitable organization that provides affordable mental health services. Our professional team has been taking care of the Hong Kong community’s mental wellbeing and needs over the past 47 years. They hope to walk alongside and provide support to the community during this unpredictable time.

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Run Our City Foundation Limited*

We believe ‘running can transform lives’. Over 10,000 teenagers benefited from RunOurCity’s running programs and were inspired to achieve their goals while improving health and developing a “can-do” attitude. The online fundraising event ‘Run to the Moon’ aims to raise fund to sustain our service to underprivileged youth.

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Splash Foundation Limited

Splash is Hong Kong’s only charitable organization that conducts swim and water safety courses for under-resourced communities. Bringing together experienced coaches in a supportive group setting, Splash provides an opportunity to learn an important life skill which develops confidence, improves well being and allows people to flourish both in and out of the water.

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Teach For Hong Kong*

Teach For Hong Kong envisions a future where all children in Hong Kong have equal opportunity to learn, grow and realize their potential. We nurture future leaders to bring education equity.

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Teen's Key

Teen's Key - Young Women Development Network is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) dedicated toimproving the lives of vulnerable young women and girls in Hong Kong. They work for and with any marginalized young women and girls. This includes those who work in the sex industry, young women faced with unwanted pregnancy and/or those vulnerable to sexual health risks.

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The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge Limited

Bethune House is a forerunner for shelter services in Hong Kong dedicated to distressed women foreign domestic workers since 1986. It is a community-driven emergency shelter providing food, and other forms of critical welfare services to enable migrant women in crisis to seek justice and achieve empowerment because of insufficient support systems for these women in Hong Kong. Bethune House is more than a shelter. We transform victims to survivors. Bethune House is a channel for compassionate people to care and support these women who are forced to rely on charity.

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The Hub Children And Youth Centre Limited

Founded in 2012, The Hub Hong Kong is a non-profit children and youth centre in Sham Shui Po with a mission to enrich, embrace and empower disadvantaged children and youth with equal opportunities to become valuable members of society. Our services and programs cover education, developmental, health and wellness, familial relationship to facilitate children’s holistic upbringing. We care for over 500 families and 1,200 members annually, including children aged 6-18 and their parents.

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The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship Ltd

Establishing in 1983, Urban Peacemaker's mission is caring and empowering the poor families, equipping and mobilising the volunteers to enlighten the hope for a better future of our city. We run food banks, outreaching projects, volunteers networks and community development projects to serve and empower the poor and the sojourners.

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The Zubin Mahtani Gidumal Foundation Limited*

The Zubin Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of Hong Kong’s marginalised ethnic minorities by providing opportunities and reducing suffering.

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